What is an expense?

There is the cost of the input, such as the cost of labor and materials. You can create a separate expense sub-account for all the expenses you have, like rent and insurance payments. And, last but not least, creating an expense account is all part of managing your accounting books. After the purchase of the [...]

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Whats the Difference Between Payroll and Bookkeeping?

These courses focus on bookkeeping fundamentals to help improve bookkeeping knowledge and skills. For example, you might complete the Intuit Bookkeeping Professional Certificate or several other bookkeeping courses offered by universities and companies on Coursera. Accountants are advisers who produce financial reports and offer financial advice. They prepare tax returns and ensure taxes get paid [...]

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What is the Difference Between Stakeholders and Stockholders

Supporters mobilize ‘friendly power’ for the organization, giving it encouragement and help in developing an environment of goodwill toward the organization. These customers are those customers who are served by the organization very rarely. Diffzy is a one-stop platform for finding differences between similar terms, quantities, services, products, technologies, and objects in one place. As [...]

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Accounting 101: Debits and Credits

Since supplies are generally items that companies use on a daily basis, most companies buy their supplies in bulk instead of buying them in little quantities regularly. This is done to reduce the cost of supplies since a number of companies offer discounts for bulk purchases. To record and keep track of purchases, companies usually [...]

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